Etiquette for Remote Meeting

For Presenters: please mute your microphones when not speaking; we encourage you to keep your video feed on, so we can see other, esp. during the discussion sessions. If you need to stay tuned via audio but cannot be by your computer, please turn off your video feed when away from your desk.

For General Audience Members: please mute microphones and keep video feed off during Panel sessions. During the 30-minute Q&A sessions (after each panel), raise your hand avatar and/or comment in the chat feed if you wish to raise questions for the presenters. The moderator will call on you. You should use your microphone and video feed both when asking a question, otherwise keep both off.

General Audience Zoom access: if you cannot join via computer, you may join the sessions via the (Zoom) phone number information listed on the website. 

If you are disconnected and cannot access the sessions, please email Joni Puranen (joni.p.puranen at gmail com).